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CFJ – Citizens For Justice

Citizens For Justice – Friends of the Earth Malawi is a non-profit organisation established in 2005, advocating environmental and social justice, responding to emerging issues threatening communities in Malawi. Extractive industries pose environmental challenges, labor problems, and issues of corporate responsibility in areas of marginalized and vulnerable groups.  In recent history agricultural activity and natural resources, which are the basis of livelihood, have been threatened from a number of factors that are mutual reinforcing, such as changes in climatic conditions, high population growth, high levels of poverty, trade barriers and a rise in cost of living, high energy needs and the need for Africa to produce agro-fuels to supply the East and the West. The lack of implementation of environmental legislation and policy is further hampered by competing institutional interests and corruption, and lack of participation. These challenges have facilitated the need for regulation, lobbying and advocacy. The CFJ adopts a Human Rights Based Approach. CFJ Malawi will cooperate with EJOLT partner CRIIRAD, and work mainly in Work Package 3 on uranium mining and nuclear energy, and also will also apply its work environmental health, and on the uranium “commodity chain”.

Reinford Mwangonde. Executive Director of Citizens For Justice-(CFJ) Friends of the Earth, Malawi, which is also Mining Watch Malawi. He also Coordinates the Extractive Industry campaigns for the International Alliance for Natural resources in Africa (IANRA) and is the coordinator for Resisting Mining, Oil and Gas (RMOG) for the Africa Region as well as the coordinator for the African Uranium Alliance (AUA). He has a Masters degree in International Relations from Lancaster University, United Kingdom and an Honors Degree in Political Science and Public Policy Administration from the University of Missouri, USA.


William Dumbani Nyirenda