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Activists speaking at the Peoples’ Summit are killed

Posted by Nick on

EJOLT partner Professor Marcelo Firpo has just send us a sad message: “I was with two fishermen on 19 June in a meeting at Peoples´Summit discussing the impacts of big projects …

EJOLT on a forest field trip in Brazil

Posted by Nick on

By Rikard Warlenius We’re bumping on a sand road in Carlos’ trade union car. On the left side straight rows of 15-meter high eucalyptus trees are passing by. The plantation – …

Rio +20: Green economy vs Ecological debt

Posted by Nick on

By Rikard Warlenius The high-level UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last week was called an ”epic failure” by Greenpeace and other environmental organizations. Their disappointments are reminiscent of …

Chico Mendez - killed for defending the environment (Photo credit: Luiz Fernando / Sonia Maria)

Killed while fighting for environmental justice

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier One of EJOLT’s main tasks is to collect and map a large inventory (not less than 2000 cases) of environmental conflicts. Some will be success stories of forests …

Rio+20: a failure to face our challenges and injustices

Posted by Nick on

This morning, all the nine major groups within the UN system had a hard time to find anything positive coming out of Rio+20. Kiara Worth, the representative of the youth …


Posted by Nick on

Statement from ANPED on the state of negotiations and the total lack of environmental justice! We – the civil society organizations and social and justice movements who have responded to the …

No Green Economy without Environmental Justice!

Posted by Nick on

Twenty years after the Rio UNCED conference, our world is still deteriorating. The costs of inaction are accumulating: social, environmental and – least of all – economic cost. Those who …

EJOLT REPORT 3: An overview of industrial tree plantations in the global South. Conflicts, trends and resistance struggles

Posted by Nick on

As we write from the Rio+20 conference center, we see environmentalists and policymakers from all over the world gathering for the most important environmental conference in this decennium. They will …

EJOLT contributor Marc Ona arrested!

Posted by Nick on

By Khadija Sharife. When does a man – bound to a wheelchair – become an Enemy of the State? When Marc Ona arrived at the recent three day *New York …

Dispatch from Canada: Dutch disease, Greek Disease or Oil Sands Fever in the Pipeline? Plus Chevron-Texaco case lands in Canada!

Posted by Nick on

By Leah Temper. Spatulas against Woks, wooden spoons against colanders, pots meeting pans – this is the sound of discontent in Canada these past few weeks. The student mobilizations in Quebec …

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