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International seminar on environmental justice and water justice

EJOLT is the co-sponsor of an international seminar on environmental justice and water justice in Colombia, October 2013. Here is the call for papers:


To analyse, within the conceptual framework of Environmental Justice (including Water Justice), the main debates and academic and empirical developments on environmental conflicts, emphazising water conflicts

Thematic Sessions

1. Environmental Justice: conceptual foundations

  • Environmental and water justice
  • Ecological economics
  • Political ecology
  • Power discourses
  • Valuation languages
  • Water justice or Hydric justice

2. Research methods and tools for analysing environmental conflicts

  • Participatory Action Research
  • Actors and social movements analysis
  • Environmental conflicts inventory
  • Valuation of environmental liailities
  • Social metabolism, water footprint

3. Case studies on environmental conflicts: the researchers´ and the activists’ point of view

  • Water
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Infrastructure development

4. Case studies on environmental conflicts: the social movements´ and communities´ point of view. Latinamerican networks for environmental and water justice

Guidelines for abstracts and posters presentation

Abstracts and posters will be accepted in Spanish, English or Portuguese. If you are interested in submitting an abstract, please send it to the seminar coordinator to the email address below. Accepted papers will be sent to oral presentation or poster sessions.  Abstracts must follow the format:



Authors Institutional filiation

Email, telephone and postal address

Abstracts must have between 1000 and 2000 words, Times New Roman 12 point and single space

Abstracts must have introduction, methodology and results (it is possible to include graphs and tables)

5 key words

Seminar session to which the abstract is being sent

Key dates:

Deadline for abstracts submission: May 31/2013

International Conference: October 15/2013

Seminar: October 16-18/2013


Seminar Coordinator: Professor Mario Alejandro Pérez

email: mario.perez (at)

Seminar administrator: Paola Tamayo paola.tamayo (at)

Co-sponsored by EJOLT

Event email: agua.2013 (at)

Web page: or



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