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Some (GMO)food for thought

As we reported here and here, Genetically Modified Foods (GMO), are not only a possible danger for the humans that eat them – but for all farmers, our ecology, our global food system and thus for humanity as a whole. Despite the propaganda from biotech firms like Monsanto, that’s not called scaremongering, but science.

In Europe, the debate on the health safety of GMO continues. Corinne Lepage, a lawyer, member of the European Parliament and former French Minister of the Environment (1995-1997) is one of the main actors. She has been chair of the Committee for Independent Research and Information on GEnetic Engineering (CRIIGEN), a group of scientists similar to what EJOLT partner CRIIRAD does for nuclear risks. CRIIGEN has presented results of experiments proving damage to health of rats from GMO food.

We consider it a positive development that a respected UK mainstream media – The Financial Times – carried a serious warning article on GMO food. EJOLT’s friend Nnimmo Bassey wrote a blog reflecting on this and other media attention that is certainly worth reading. We share some extracts here and link to his blog.

“Humans simply have to be humble enough to accept that we do not understand everything about the intricacies of natural processes. The time has indeed come when the world has to accept that working with nature is immeasurably more beneficial than working against her. Agricultural genetic engineering (GE) over the past few decades has strived to upturn nature and box her for profit, but as it has consistently turned out, nature continues to trump the manipulators.”

“Those who plead caution with regard to the planting and eating of genetically engineered (GE) crops are vilified as anti-science, whereas a close scrutiny shows that it is actually the biotech industries who are anti-science and who pretend that their approximate experimentations are precise in any serious way. Usually speaking from the position of power, proponents discount calls for reason and pleas that we have just one planet and that it is the diversity in nature that is the bedrock of resilience to variable climatic and other conditions.”

Click here to read Nnimmo’s reflections on recent news about GMO food.

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