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FOCUS – Association for Sustainable Development

The vision of the NGO Focus is a society that perceives itself as a part of nature and therefore lives with nature, not next to it. People are part of the web of life that humans highly depend on. It is a society where we also live with each other and not only next to each other. In this society responsibility to the environment and other people is a mainstream norm, not just an alternative. FOCUS values are holistic view, living according to own principles, teaching by giving an example, active citizenship, expertise, transparency, dialogue and cooperation. Activities encompass: organizing events, implementing projects, awareness raising, co-operation and networking, following the work of the government, its institutions and local communities, analyzing the developments in the fields of our activity, media work, participation in the decision-making processes on the national and international level, street actions and any other activity that contributes to the aim of Focus. FOCUS will lead Work Package 3 on nuclear energy. It will cooperate with CRIIRAD (France), and with Earthlife (Namibia) and Ctizens for Justice (Malawi), and Za Zemiata (Bulgaria) in bridging the gap between science and society’s information needs and knowledge regarding nuclear energy.

Lidija Živčič. (MSc in Environmental Science and Policy) is co-founder and chair of Focus Association for Sustainable Development since 2002. She manages the organisation and contributes with content inputs to all the programs of the organisation (climate, energy and transport). She also coordinated Climate Action Network Central and Eastern Europe for three years. Since 2007 she researches motivations of people to implement climate protecting actions as a PhD student of Faculty of Biotechnology in Ljubljana.


Tomislav Tkalec. Is the Head of Energy Programme at Focus Association for Sustainable Development. Also a PhD student of Environment Protection at the University of Ljubljana. His thesis is dealing with socio-political and environmental aspects of decentralization of production of energy. With focus on relationship between actors in the energy policy arena, its structure and the process of decission and policy making.