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Oil and Gas and Climate Justice


EJOLT will provide  critiques of the broadened geography of fossil fuels extractions, in the context of climate justice. Chief concerns are related to the loss of biodiversity, sensitive areas, human rights violations and the technologies used. We’ll make guidelines for different approaches to keep oil in the ground, including case studies from the Yasuní National Park in Ecuador and the Niger Delta in Nigeria. Institutional design and experimentation with different real democratic processes related to conflicts, such as community consultations, will be studied. We’ll make and publish a compendium of local referendums in resource extraction conflicts over the past 10 years and share lessons learned from court cases related to resource extraction conflicts. The training materials will provide a reference tool illustrating a range of practices in situations of environmental conflict. We also examine the deepened reach and legitimation of financial markets under the guise of the ‘green economy’, that seeks to rationalise and legitimise false solutions to climate change while reinforcing old systems of exploitation. This includes carbon markets (extending to water, air and land grabbing), mega-dams as well as technocratic fixes that ignore the primary cause of pollution and degradation from source ie: accountability.

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