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Liabilities and Valuation


The need for strong valuation and deliberation is rising among Environmental Justice Organisations (EJOs). Depending on the objectives of their action, economic valuation of environmental liabilities for the preparation of court cases, policy recommendation and stakeholder deliberation, different tools and methodologies can be used. Building on its internationally acknowledged expertise in economic and environmental valuation, elaboration of sustainability indicators and deliberation support, REEDS (Research in Ecological economics, Eco-innovation and tool Development for Sustainability) will support EJOs involved in EJOLT in their quest for economic valuation of environmental liabilities and reinforce them in their attempts to obtain redress through court cases or other means, as well as make policy recommendations to organisations or institutions as needed. As this action cuts across issues and supply chain cases, REEDS will work closely with the coordinators of other work packages, to build the capacities of the EJOs involved, as well as provide methodological support and training materials.

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