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Mining and Ship Breaking


To study the links between the increased metabolism of the economy and environmental damage, EJOLT looks at mining conflicts (of precious metals & bulk materials) and waste disposal conflicts (ship breaking, e-waste exports and waste incineration). Local communities occupying ‘priceless sites’ oppose mining in ecologically sensitive areas (such as Intag, Ecuador) or certain technological practices, such as the use of cyanide, and other corporate practices. We shall elaborate on risk assessment and undertake work to publicize violations of the Basel Treaty on the export of toxic waste (such as European ships dismantled in Alang and Sosiya, India). We will conduct a legal analysis of liability regimes in national, international and European laws.

Sharing of landmark cases on mining and ship-breaking conflicts worldwide will help us to elaborate online training materials. Our aim is to have a debate on the health risks and ecosystem destruction that come with resource extraction. In the end we will develop strategies for legal redress and public consultation in ways that take local activist knowledge into account.

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Death of a Shuar leader resisting Ecuador’s Mirador mine

By Domingo Ankuash On 3 December the dead body of anti-mining leader José Isidro Tendetza Antun, trustee Shuar Community Yanúa, El Pangui Canton province of Zamora, was found. He had been missing …

Latest Mining and Ship Breaking Resources

Gold and silver mining in Cerro Blanco (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras)

Introduction Situated about 153 kilometres (95 miles) east of Guatemala City, Cerro Blanco is in Asuncion Mita, Jutiapa. Asuncion Mita covers an area of 174 hectares (429 acres) and is 45 …

Uranium mining, unveiling the impacts of the nuclear industry

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