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Environmentalism and anti-colonialism are dangerous activities in a country like Niger

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. In the shadow of French President Hollande’s West-Africa Tour, dissenting views on extraction and environmental justice were silenced. In Niger, ten members of the Network of organizations for …


Environmental (in)justice and the role of European companies

Posted by Nick on

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform, a global coalition of environmental, human rights and labour rights organisations dedicated to safe, clean and just ship recycling, organised a debate on “Environmental (in)justice and …

Turskish map

Turkey’s Map of Environmental Injustices is now online!

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Begum Ozkaynak and BOG – Bogazici University- EJOLT team “The Map of Environmental Injustices in Turkey” that we have been engaged in as EJOLT-Turkey, with the Political Ecology Working Group in …

Papa no fracking final-001

The Pope says NOPE (Not on Planet Earth) to Fracking and Mega-mining

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

Pope Francisco welcomed a group of Argentineans, including an EJOLT member,  Antonio Gustavo Gomez, an Attorney General from Argentina, yesterday on November 11th, 2013, in the Vatican. The meeting lasted …

Schermafbeelding 2012-11-15 om 14.55.03

Call for papers for a Special Issue on “mining conflicts and environmental justice”

Posted by Nick on

The growth in consumption and production has escalated the need for energy and raw materials, with resource use reaching exceptionally high levels worldwide. Contrary to beliefs that the economy will decouple from …

Schermafbeelding 2012-11-15 om 14.55.03

NEW EJOLT REPORT: Mining from an environmental justice perspective

Posted by Nick on

While world population increased 72 percent between 1970 and 2004, extraction of construction materials grew by 106 percent. The total consumption and extraction increased for practically all mineral resources – …

Policy recommendations on shipbreaking – now in use in Basel

Posted by Nick on

Our second 2-page briefing paper with policy recommendations – this time on shipbreaking – has just been published in our resource library. As we speak, it is being used in …

Schermafbeelding 2012-04-11 om 21.39.05

EJOLT is making a difference: positive ruling by Supreme Court of India on shipbreaking

Posted by Nick on

Good news from India: the Supreme Court is putting the movement of the US owned hazardous end-of-life vessel named ‘Oriental Nicety’ under its watch. This follows a demand made by …

Schermafbeelding 2012-04-11 om 21.39.05

Follow-up on EJOLT REPORT 1 – shipbreaking

Posted by Nick on

While 4 ejolt reports are in the pipeline for publication in the coming two months, our work does not end with the publication of a report. We gave 15 copies …


EJOLT research unearths radioactive contamination in Namibia

Posted by Nick on

By Bertchen Kohrs and Bruno Chareyron. EARTHLIFE Namibia and CRIIRAD (Commission for Independent Research and Information about Radiation) have organized visits and measurements in areas located in the vicinity of uranium mines …

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General News


How Switzerland helps commodity companies dodge billions in taxes

Posted by Nick on

By Jakob Villioth. Thanks to low taxes and weak government regulation, Switzerland has developed into a commodity hub where commodity trading and extractive companies earn billions. At least 20 percent of …

Mining massacre in Turkey_EJOLT Blog_Cem2

The “mining massacre” in Turkey following the explosion in the coal mine in Soma

Posted by Nick on

By Pınar Ertör-Akyazı, Cem İskender Aydın, Begüm Özkaynak, Irmak Ertör. Hundreds of workers were killed following an explosion on Tuesday, May 13, in the coal mine close to the town of Soma, …


Barrick in the doldrums: shareholders angry about Pascua Lama

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez Alier. For many years, Barrick Gold has been heavily investing in the ill-fated project of Pascua-Lama in Chile, despite the local opposition. Communities resist the destruction of glaciers …


Illegal arrest and illegitimate mining in Intag Valley (Ecuador)

Posted by Nick on

By Carlos Zorrilla. On April 10, 2014, the campesino leader Javier Ramirez of Intag Valley (Ecuador) was arrested without an arrest warrant outside of Quito. He was returning from a meeting …


Robert Goodland obituary

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier Robert Goodland, a Canadian ecologist, was a specialist in tropical ecology. He died on 28 December 2013. In 1974 he authored a landmark book on the Amazon, From …


Glencore-Xstrata flips in the Philippines

Posted by Nick on

by Joan Martinez-Alier Glencore-Xstrata causes many socio-environmental conflicts around the world. A well-known case to EJOLT researchers is in Catamarca, Argentina, the copper mine in Bajo la Alumbrera. Another one is …


Rosia Montana is saved… but fractivists in Romania still under attack from Chevron

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Amanda Blank Environmentalism is a relatively new phenomenon in post-communist countries such as Romania. But mobilizations over gold mining and fracking in the country has shown that communities are willing …

madagascar map final

Rio Tinto: compensation manipulation in southeast Madagascar

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Shareen Elnaschie The remote region of Anosy in southeast Madagascar has been undergoing significant and rapid change due to mining-led development that has been clashing with local culture, stimulating dramatic shifts …

Murder Colombia

Colombian anti-mining movement mourning

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Victoria Marín-Burgos César García, one of the leaders of the “Conciencia Campesina” movement opposing AngloGold Ashanti’s gold mining project “La Colosa” in the Municipality of Cajamarca – Tolima …


93 Countries Sign Treaty to Reduce Mercury Pollution

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Amanda Blank International negotiations on a legally binding instrument—the Minamata Convention on Mercury—were completed in Geneva in January 2013 and presented for adoption and signature at the Conference of Plenipotentiaries, …

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Can “Natural Capital Accounting” Come of Age in Africa?

Posted by Nick on

By Patrick Bond. In early June, a University of Pretoria conference at the Governance Innovation Centre [2], keynoted by Indian eco-feminist Vandana Shiva, contemplated how to go “beyond GDP.” The current …


Paladin lies to Malawi Government on its Kayelekera uranium mine

Posted by Nick on

By William Nyirenda, Citizens for Justice. It has been over a year now since Paladin started threatening to shut down the Kayelekera Uranium Mine, following a continuous trend of losses. Finally, …


Colombia’s environmental conflicts

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier. Thanks to Mario A. Perez’s work on the EJOLT inventory of environmental conflicts supported by his research students at CINARA and the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia, …


Victory: no more Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Laciana Valley (Spain)

Posted by Nick on

By: Amaranta Herrero. On the 14th of February, the regional government of Castilla y León cancelled the plan for Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining (MRT) in Laciana Valley (Spain). During the last …

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-12 om 09.36.57

The shipping industry: regulating the freeloaders

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen The unequal ecological exchange and environmental injustice in this hard to regulate global industry are so big and persistent that the industry keeps producing one damning fact after …


A change of image in Uruguay: president Mujica as the iron man

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier President Pepe Mujica has certainly deserved sympathy for his historical path as a former imprisoned tupamaro (a left-wing liberation movement), his sense of humor and the modesty in …

water gold mining blog

Hidden water flows and the perversities of gold mining

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Diana Vela Almeida Large scale gold mining, more than any other economic activity; provokes the greatest number of negative impacts relative to its scale of operation. Gold mining damages local …

Papa el agua vale mas que el oro final

Mountains of Faith? The Church Takes on Large-Scale Mining

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Luis Manuel Claps  Faith and large-scale mining have something in common: they both move mountains. On many occasions, the Church has been an obstacle to industry’s efforts to expand into Latin …


A letter from Piedras, Tolima, Colombia: local referendum against Anglo Gold Ashanti

Posted by Nick on

Dear communities resisting extractive projects, We are reaching you from Colombia, South America. We have been astonished by all you efforts and resistance in order to keep extractive corporations out of …

The Dongria Kondh win the battle against bauxite mining in the Niyamgiri Hills, Odisha

Posted by Leah on

by Joan Martinez-Alier and Leah Temper. On 31st July 2013 in New Delhi drums and banners in front of Odisha House celebrated the success achieved by the tiny Dongria Kondh hamlets in the …

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Access to Justice and Extractive Industries

Posted by Nick on

UPDATE – full video of the event on youtube. On March 13, a panel of international legal and industry experts discuss the fraught world of environmental justice, human rights, minerals and …

map screenshot

Environmental justice in the EU and beyond

Posted by Nick on

Save the date for an environmental justice conference & debate in Brussels where EJOLT will launch the Atlas of Environmental Justice, on 19 March. CLICK HERE to make your registration As global …

Dark clouds are gathering over Sofia, capital of a country with a legacy of uranium mining

EJOLT field trip to Bulgaria mine

Posted by Nick on

From 6 to 11 June, EJOLT partner Za Zemiata guided the ‘EJOLT-nuclear-team’ through the dirt left behind by the nuclear industry in Bulgaria. Literally. We visited an old uranium mine site where …

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