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A treaty to stop corporate crimes and impunity

EJOLT supports a worldwide campaign to stop corporate crimes and impunity. Godwin Ojo from EJOLT partner ERA participated in a recent meeting from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), …


Can “Natural Capital Accounting” Come of Age in Africa?

By Patrick Bond. In early June, a University of Pretoria conference at the Governance Innovation Centre [2], keynoted by Indian eco-feminist Vandana Shiva, contemplated how to go “beyond GDP.” The current …


Linking Degrowth to Environmental Justice

For “Scharf-links”, a German online newspaper, Dr. Joachim Spangenberg , co-chair of EJOLT’s steering committee, spoke about the activities of EJOLT and the link between Environmental Justice and Degrowth, looking …


A call for solidary with Marco Suástegui

A call for solidarity has arrived from the state of Guerrero, in the South-West of Mexico. One of the leaders of the farmers’ movement Consejo de Ejidos y Comunidades Opositores …


The war against environmentalism

By Joan Martinez Alier. The Hindutva nationalist right-wing prime minister Modi in India is rallying against Environmental Justice Organisations (EJOs) financed by foreign money. High on his list are EJOs from …


Chilean Patagonia saved from Hidroaysén-madness

By Daniela Del Bene. After 8 years of campaigning under the slogan Patagonia Sin Represas, the Bachelet government in Chile rejected yesterday the Hidroaysén project. The Committee of Ministers, the highest administrative …


Workers and environmentalists of the world, unite!

By Stefania Barca. Stefania Barca is a Senior Researcher at the 
Center for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra. She’s of Italian origin and a well-known historian of water appropriation …


Today is Anti-Chevron day: Help stop this corporate super-power from getting away with Ecocide

By Leah Temper. On the international day of action against Chevron we would like to highlight a call for Signatures from the Anti Chevron campaign and a global map of conflicts …

Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana, scene of the IV Forum Against Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects

By Alfred Burballa Noria. From 8 to 11 May 2014, the municipality of Rosia Montana in the Apuseni Mountains in Western Transylvania, Romania, hosted the fourth edition of the Forum Against …

Elections 2009, Young and first time voters

Environmentalism is not just personal, it is political

By Nick Meynen. In the TV documentary series “Years of living dangerously”, Thomas Friedman goes to Syria to make the link between climate change and war. He also talks with Condoleezza …

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