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Environmental activist training course, offered by EJOLT

Posted by Nick on

After 4 years of working on environmental justice, the EJOLT project, has accumulated extensive knowledge on tools, such as economic valuation, legal pathways, health and risk assessment and ecological debt …


The comptroller Sandra Morelli

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By Joan Martinez Alier. The Colombian attorney Sandra Morelli, a woman with a strong personality, is a member of the Colombian establishment. Since September 2014, she doesn’t know whether she’s living a …

Caption_food bank staff loads supplies from Canadas largest food bank warehouse Moisson Montreal

Food Banks: Canned Justice or Fuel For activism

Posted by Nick on

By Aaron Vansintjan. Philippe* is the truck driver of a food bank in Montréal, Canada. Twice a week he drives to the headquarters of Moisson Montréal, the largest food bank …


Obituary for Prof. Rajni Kothari

Posted by Nick on

Prof. Rajni Kothari’s life and work will continue to guide and inspire People’s Movements. This is a tribute from The National Alliance of People’s Movements. “People’s movements are based on deep …


PROGRAM of film event and EJOLT conference

Posted by Nick on

Opportunities for European policy makers towards Environmental Justice2-3 March 2015 – Brussels REGISTER HERE. FILM: “Walls and the Tiger” 2 March 2015, 18:45-21:45 Venue: Argus, KBC Auditorium, Rue du port 2, 1080 …


Soma, Ermenek, Yirca: Can Anti-Coal Activists Defend Coal Miners and Olive Farmers?

Posted by Nick on

By Ethemcan Turhan. The coal-mining town of Soma in the western Aegean region of Turkey hardly made headlines until last May. A mining disaster that took the lives of 301 …

report 18

The concept of “ecological debt” and its value for environmental justice

Posted by Nick on

EJOLT’s latest report is about the value of the ecological debt concept to struggles for environmental justice. “Ecological debt. History, meaning and relevance for environmental justice” can be downloaded here. …


Communities Unite to Say Yes to Life, No to Mining

Posted by Nick on

By Hannibal Rhoades. Healthy land, water, air and life-sustaining livelihoods are good enough reasons for many communities around the world to resisting particular mining activities. A new web platform, inspired by …


Opportunities for European policy makers towards Environmental Justice

Posted by Nick on

REGISTRATION is now OPEN for the final events of the EJOLT project on 2 and 3 March: a PUBLIC HEARING in the European Parliament, a CONFERENCE in the European Economic …

gmo corn

Help Mexican citizens fight GM corn

Posted by Nick on

Grrrowd is a new crowdfunding movement supporting legal “David versus Goliath” actions to defend social, environmental and economic rights worldwide. They want to realise “Justice powered by the crowd”. One …