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Chico Mendes: 25 years of a brutal killing

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Felipe Milanez and Joan Martinez Alier The 22nd December 2013 marks 25 years of the killing of Chico Mendes, leader of the rubber tappers in Brazilian Amazon and international recognized …

water gold mining blog

Hidden water flows and the perversities of gold mining

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Diana Vela Almeida Large scale gold mining, more than any other economic activity; provokes the greatest number of negative impacts relative to its scale of operation. Gold mining damages local …


Making the link between EJ and biodiversity conservation at IPBES conference

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Amanda Blank EJOLT collaborators from the Environmental Social Science Research Group attended the 2nd conference of the Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) last week. IPBES-2 closed the …

Conflicts in Ecuador small

Maps of environmental injustices in Ecuador

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Sara Latorre These three maps on the geography and timeline of environmental injustices in Ecuador are part of my doctoral thesis (Latorre, 2013) and of an article to be published …


Rosia Montana is saved… but fractivists in Romania still under attack from Chevron

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Amanda Blank Environmentalism is a relatively new phenomenon in post-communist countries such as Romania. But mobilizations over gold mining and fracking in the country has shown that communities are willing …

Papa el agua vale mas que el oro final

Mountains of Faith? The Church Takes on Large-Scale Mining

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Luis Manuel Claps  Faith and large-scale mining have something in common: they both move mountains. On many occasions, the Church has been an obstacle to industry’s efforts to expand into Latin …

Turskish map

Turkey’s Map of Environmental Injustices is now online!

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Begum Ozkaynak and BOG – Bogazici University- EJOLT team “The Map of Environmental Injustices in Turkey” that we have been engaged in as EJOLT-Turkey, with the Political Ecology Working Group in …


Faulty Waste Management and Aarhus Convention Violations, Cases to the European Parliament: UKWIN seeks cases to help support an incinerator-free Europe

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Amanda Blank and Shlomo Dowen (director of the UKWIN) Waste incineration is a method of waste disposal that still occurs throughout Europe despite its highly negative effects on air quality …


Map of Environmental Conflicts in Brazil

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Joan Martinez Alier December 22nd, 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of the assassination of Chico Mendes (1944-1988) who defended the Amazon against deforestation in Acre, Brazil. Chico Mendes was a rubber gatherer …