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Za Zemiata

Za Zemiata is a Bulgarian environmental NGO registered in 1995. It is the representative organisation of the Central and Eastern European Bankwatch network and of the International Energy Brigades, and a member of GAIA and SEEEN (South Eastern Europe Environmental NGO) networks. Za Zemiata is committed to suggesting and developing positive and sustainable alternatives to socially and environmentally harmful activities and projects. The activities of the organisation include the Sustainable Energy Campaign that aims at developing an alternative energy strategy for Bulgaria which stresses the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy as an alternative to the electricity production of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant in coordination with the CEE Bankwatch network; the Transport Campaign that includes regular “Reclaim the Streets” campaigns along the main streets in cities; the Public Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure that includes preparation and dissemination of publications; instigation of public discussions and press conferences with governmental, non-governmental representatives and local people; bringing the problems of the local people to the decision-making authorities; the Sustainable Waste Management Campaign, and publishing an environmental magazine “Po Ruba”(Along the Edge). Ze Zemiata also works on uranium and coal mining. Za Zemiata will participate in two “vertical” WPs (on nuclear energy WP3 and on waste disposal WP6) and will participate in all the transversal methodological WPs. It will contribute importantly to WP11 and 12, on training and dissemination with its reach in South Eastern Europe, organizing a course for external EJOs.

Filka Sekulova. PhD student at the UAB. She holds a Master’s degree in Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Bachelor degrees in Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam and in Psychology at the Sofia University Sv. Kliment Ohridski. Presently her research centres around the economics of climate change and happiness or well-being, and bringing the two fields closer together. Previous work of hers includes conducting environmental cost benefit analysis of ski resorts in Bulgarian protected territories.


Todor Slavov. MSc program in Engineering Physics, MSc in Organisational and Clinical Psychology. He has been working at Environmental Association “Za Zemiata” since 2000 as project and campaign coordinator in the fields of: international trade and development program within CEE Bankwatch; AgreeNet office in Bulgaria; the development of alternative energy policies and scenarios promotion, energy efficiency and nuclear waste, power plans and uranium mines; climate change.


Evgenia Tasheva.