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A PLANET IN DANGER  the world of CHEVRON   EJAtlas

Chevron’s atrocities mapped

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. Saturday 21 May is the 3rd international day of action against Chevron. At this occasion, a new map with 30 conflicts between Chevron and different communities all over …

EJOLT report 23

Why Climate Justice activists are preparing to hack the Paris climate summit

Posted by Nick on

A new report by the global EJOLT project includes essays from climate justice activists and academics on how they aim to hack, resist and confront inaction and false solutions at …

ginebra_0 (2)

Feature Map on the Permanent Peoples Tribunal Hearing on Corporate Human Rights Violations and Peoples Access to Justice

Posted by Nick on

On the anniversary of the UNHRC resolution, as states prepare for the first meeting of the intergovernmental working group for the elaboration of a UN Treaty on transnational corporations and …


EJOLT conference on environmental justice: the report

Posted by Nick on

After 4 years of work by around 100 people in over 30 countries, the EJOLT conference on environmental justice showed what the international project on Environmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and …

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-02 om 16.36.59

Global Atlas of Environmental Justice re-launches website tracking ecological conflicts globally

Posted by Nick on

PRESS RELEASE. Brussels, Tuesday 3 March. New platform integrates geo-spatial data to present conflicts in context and expands its coverage The EJOLT project launches today a new phase of the Global Atlas …


The difference that EJOLT has made

Posted by Nick on

Dear EJOLT fan As we approach the end of the EJOLT project we like to introduce you to each other and look back to some of our highlights. There are 200.000 …

Chevron EJOLT Rome 2

Pablo Fajardo joins EJOLT in Rome Legal workshop on the Chevron Texaco case

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

Yesterday 13th November  2013, as Pablo Fajardo the Ecuadorian lawyer representing the victims of Chevron- Texaco was boarding the plane in Quito to come to the EJOLT meeting in Rome, …

Papa no fracking final-001

The Pope says NOPE (Not on Planet Earth) to Fracking and Mega-mining

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

Pope Francisco welcomed a group of Argentineans, including an EJOLT member,  Antonio Gustavo Gomez, an Attorney General from Argentina, yesterday on November 11th, 2013, in the Vatican. The meeting lasted …


Digging Deep Corporate Liability. Environmental Justice strategies in the world of oil.

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Amanda Blank With the progressive decline of oil resources, oil companies have responded to increasing global demand with new forms of technology, expanding the oil frontier into increasingly remote and …

towards a post-oil civilisation

How to Yasunize the world: Don’t burn the Unburnable Fuels

Posted by Nick on

On May 9, for the first time ever, the world’s longest-running, high-precision instrument to record atmospheric CO2 hit the 400ppm level. 275ppm was the norm before the industrial revolution. The …

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General News


The El Niño message: break free from fossil fuels

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. El Niño translates to ‘the boy‘ and in his case, the child is unwanted. El Niño is a periodic climate phenomenon that occurs when a vast pool of …


Court Verdict in the Netherlands: Ruling Against Shell Opens Prospects for Impacted Communities

Posted by Nick on

Press release from ERA/FoE Nigeria. The Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) has hailed a Dutch appeals court ruling today (Friday December 18, 2015) which affirmed that Shell parent …


Italian climate policy: doubling fossil fuel extraction

Posted by Nick on

By Camila Rolando Mazzuca.Today’s world energy production mainly derives from non-renewable sources and represents up to 47% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions for the 2000s decade. These emissions reinforce …


The Hague Rules Against Chevron in Ecuador Case

Posted by Nick on

Source: ChevronToxico The international court ruled in favor of Ecuador in its case against the U.S. oil giant for causing one of the world’s greatest environmental disasters. The International Court of Justice …


Soma, Ermenek, Yirca: Can Anti-Coal Activists Defend Coal Miners and Olive Farmers?

Posted by Nick on

By Ethemcan Turhan. The coal-mining town of Soma in the western Aegean region of Turkey hardly made headlines until last May. A mining disaster that took the lives of 301 …


No to cyanide and fracking, from Romania to Brussels

Posted by Nick on

By Nick MeynenFirst posted on When Alexandru Popescu walked out of his Romanian hometown of Ploieşti, on August 30th, his 84-year old father thought he was crazy. The 46-year-old antiquarian …


205 UK citizens groups deliver letter to Cameron, calling for moratorium on fracking

Posted by Nick on

On Wednesday 10th December (UN Human Rights Day) at 3 pm, anti-fracking campaigners will hand deliver a letter to 10 Downing Street which has been signed by no fewer than …

Ecuador Oil Pollution

The Ecuador vs Chevron lawsuit goes to a climax in Canada

Posted by Nick on

UPDATE on 17 October 2014: The CBA drops plans to intervene at the Supreme court! POSTED on 9 October 2014: EJOLT has learned that the Canadian Bar Association plans to …


The Global Frackdown day 2014

Posted by Nick on

The Global Frackdown is an international day of action initiated by Food & Water Watch to ban fracking —a risky technique that uses millions of gallons of water, sand and …

Renewable Energy Peoples Power Now!

The journey to a new global climate agreement begins now, but which road will the EU take?

Posted by Nick on

By Maruska Mileta and Jamie Gorman. Today at the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany, civil society and social movements are calling on the developed countries including the EU to commit …

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Picture 8

Book Review: Ecological Economics from the Ground Up

Posted by Nick on

Helen Scharber, School of Critical Social Inquiry, Hampshire College, USA As its title intimates, Ecological Economics from the Ground Up starts with case studies of environmental justice activist struggles, mostly from …


We need a more just world to prevent catastrophic climate change

Posted by Nick on

By Maruška Mileta (Young Friends of the Earth Europe), contributions by the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice. A four day gathering of civil society and social movements (Social Pre-COP) on …


The war against environmentalism

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez Alier. The Hindutva nationalist right-wing prime minister Modi in India is rallying against Environmental Justice Organisations (EJOs) financed by foreign money. High on his list are EJOs from …


Today is Anti-Chevron day: Help stop this corporate super-power from getting away with Ecocide

Posted by Nick on

By Leah Temper. On the international day of action against Chevron we would like to highlight a call for Signatures from the Anti Chevron campaign and a global map of conflicts …

Elections 2009, Young and first time voters

Environmentalism is not just personal, it is political

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. In the TV documentary series “Years of living dangerously”, Thomas Friedman goes to Syria to make the link between climate change and war. He also talks with Condoleezza …


“Growth below zero”: in memory of Sicco Mansholt

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier,  RESPONDER conference, Brussels, 21 March 2014 In 1971 Sicco Mansholt, a Dutch agrarian unionist and social-democratic politician, who had promoted an expansionist agricultural policy in Europe as commissioner …

ERA Logo

Nigerian civil society puts out strong warning in relation to Petroleum Bill

Posted by Nick on

By JohnBosco Agbakwuru. Here’s a report from civil society action in Nigeria: “CSOs threaten to move against lawmakers’ re-election over PIB”: A coalition of  Civil Society Organisations, CSOs, yesterday, threatened to mobilise …

Caramel City Dispatch

Fracking ban expanding in Spanish regions

Posted by Nick on

By Amaranta Herrero Fracking, or hydraulic fracture is a technique to extract shale gas in which rock is fractured by drilling a well and injecting a pressurized toxic liquid made of …

Africa electricity blog

Electrify -and Scorch- Africa

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Amanda Blank Africa is a significant exporter of cheap energy, namely dirty fuels like gas, oil, coal, and uranium for nuclear energy. While energy is cheaply exported, the local consequences …

Picture 2

Academics and authors write to President Rafael Correa from Ecuador

Posted by Nick on

Dear Mr. President: As concerned academics and authors from many countries, we are writing in support of Ecuador’s
initiative to refrain from exploitation of the heavy crude oil of Yasuní-ITT. Along with thousands …

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