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Vacancy at ICTA in field of political ecology

Posted by Nick on

We are offering a post-doc fellowship on the field of political ecology at ICTA, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain). Please, distribute the call to your colleagues. The European Network for …

Social Environmental Conflicts in Mexico. Nobody is Exempt

Posted by Nick on

By Isabel Cárdenas* “Conflictos socioambientales y alternativas de la sociedad civil”, presents an excellent overview of socio-environmental conflicts in Mexico. The multidimensional analysis of asymmetrical power relations includes a chapter by Fernanda …

Call for papers for a Special Issue on “mining conflicts and environmental justice”

Posted by Nick on

The growth in consumption and production has escalated the need for energy and raw materials, with resource use reaching exceptionally high levels worldwide. Contrary to beliefs that the economy will decouple from …

The governonsense of climate engineering

Posted by Nick on

At the environmental policy forum “The International Governance of Climate Engineering”, held by The Institute for European Studies in Brussels on June 28, opinions differed on how European policymakers should …

EJOLT’s networking and policywork

Posted by Nick on

In June, EJOLT collaborators were pursuing dissemination of research results in European policy and academic circles. This work is less mediatised, but our readers might occasionaly want to hear on …

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