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Watch an ASO-EJOLT Video on landgrabbing in Gambela

Grabbing Gambela is a short video documentary about a massive takeover of agricultural lands in the Gambela Region of Ethiopia. Since 2008, the Ethiopian government has signed deals with investors from India, Saudi Arabia, China and other countries for large-scale agricultural projects in the region. The deals give foreign investors control of half of Gambela’s arable land. In this documentary, local people affected by the land deals speak about their experiences.

Grabbing Gambela is produced by the Anywaa Survival Organisation, EJOLT, and GRAIN.

For more information about landgrabbing visit


  1. On Felipe Montoya said:

    Is there any possibility anywhere to simply say: We dont want your money, we don’t want your jobs. All we want is our land, our water, our seeds, and our right to determine our way of life? We must delink ourselves from the Corporate Capitalist Machine if we are to survive, along with our fellow brothers and sisters of all species.

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