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Global Atlas of Environmental Justice re-launches website tracking ecological conflicts globally

New platform integrates geo-spatial data to present conflicts in context and expands its coverage The EJOLT project launches today a new phase of the Global Atlas of Environmental Justice, an interactive …

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Unveiling uranium and nuclear power myths

[BRUSSELS 19 November 2014] Two new reports expose the various myths used to hide the real impacts of uranium mining and to push for a nuclear renaissance in Europe. An international …

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When to count the damage? Economic tools for evaluating liabilities in environmental justice struggles

[BRUSSELS, 20 October 2014] MEDIA RELEASE. The health and environmental implications of fossil fuel exploitation, nuclear waste or mining-related pollution are some of the more well-known effects of the increasing energy …


Map of most influential environmental justice conflicts in the US is released this week

[BRUSSELS, 25 June 2014] The 40 most influential environmental justice conflicts in recent American history are now included in a Global Atlas of Environmental Justice. The U.S. cases were compiled …

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Global Atlas of environmental conflicts launched in Brussels

[BRUSSELS, 19 March 2014] The Environmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and Trade (EJOLT) project launches today its Global Atlas of Environmental Justice, a visually attractive and interactive online mapping platform detailing …


The SpOILed Industry. Environmental Justice strategies in the world of oil.

Chevron in Ecuador and Shell in Nigeria: Transnational Corporations, particularly those in the oil sector, operate around the world and are responsible for some of the most serious environmental damages, but yet they seem …

towards a post-oil civilisation

Unburnable fuels. How to keep the oil in the soil

Today, a global coalition of economists and activists release a 200p report on a variety of initiatives to leave “unburnable” fuels in the soil. The EU funded EJOLT network studied …

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The CDM in Africa Cannot Deliver the Money

18 April 2012 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The CDM in Africa Cannot Deliver the Money Learn why the carbon trading gamble and ‘Clean Development Mechanism’ won’t save the planet from climate change

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Mining conflicts around the world: Common grounds from an Environmental Justice perspective

While world population increased 72 percent between 1970 and 2004, extraction of construction materials grew by 106 percent. Going beyond the buzz about decoupling the economy from natural resources use, …

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Industrial waste conflicts around the world. Case studies from India and Bulgaria: shipbreaking and incineration.

EJOLT  – a project on environmental justice with 23 universities and activist groups from 20 countries – is proud to announce the first in a series of in-depth reports made …