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Industrial waste conflicts around the world

EJOLT Report 1: Industrial waste conflicts around the world. Case studies from India and Bulgaria: shipbreaking and incineration. How struggles for environmental justice contribute to the environmental sustainability of the economy EJOLT Report 1 (Low …



The Dyncorp Case in Colombia

1. Factual background Under its 1999 ‘Plan Colombia’, the Colombian Government under former President Andrés Pastrana developed a counter-narcotics strategy that focused on the chemical eradication of illegal coca and poppy …


The Trafigura Case

1. Factual background In the Probo Koala incident, more recently also known as the Trafigura case, toxic and dangerous waste products belonging to Trafigura –one of the world’s leading oil trading …


The Malagrotta landfill and speculation in the Galeria Valley

Introduction Waste management in Rome and its surrounding areas is emblematic of larger sustainability problems related to widespread economic, social and environmental obsolescence in the area. This situation is rooted in …


Apiculture vs. Transgenic-soybean in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Monsanto Co. applied in February 2012 to upgrade its Mexican soybean plantations, occupying around 250 thousand ha, from the status of ‘pilot program‘ to ‘commercial’. Some 26% of these are …


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Environmental Justice documentary: “We are here to stay”

We are here to stay! is a new LaMCA-EJOLT documentary where scholars, activists and people suffering environmental injustices provide their views and testimonies on environmental justice. LaMCA is the environmental …

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Belgian action groups win epic highway battle

By Nick Meynen. After 20 years of struggle, three action groups in Belgium’s second city who resist the Ring Road highway extension to a 27 lane monster scored a major breakthrough …

Book Review: Ecological Economics from the Ground Up

Helen Scharber, School of Critical Social Inquiry, Hampshire College, USA As its title intimates, Ecological Economics from the Ground Up starts with case studies of environmental justice activist struggles, mostly from …