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Mapping hydro schizophrenia and people’s resistance in the Indian Himalaya

Posted by Nick on

By Daniela Del Bene. Do you remember the dramatic floods in the Western Indian Himalayas back in 2012? We blogged about the Uttarakhand disaster and about the thousands of victims, while …


EJOLT conference on environmental justice: the report

Posted by Nick on

After 4 years of work by around 100 people in over 30 countries, the EJOLT conference on environmental justice showed what the international project on Environmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and …

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The global biomass robbery

Posted by Nick on

Palm oil is a booming business. While also used for cooking and in processed foods, over half of all palm oil produced now goes into soaps, cosmetics, biodiesel and other …

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Global Atlas of Environmental Justice re-launches website tracking ecological conflicts globally

Posted by Nick on

PRESS RELEASE. Brussels, Tuesday 3 March. New platform integrates geo-spatial data to present conflicts in context and expands its coverage The EJOLT project launches today a new phase of the Global Atlas …


The difference that EJOLT has made

Posted by Nick on

Dear EJOLT fan As we approach the end of the EJOLT project we like to introduce you to each other and look back to some of our highlights. There are 200.000 …

Conflicts in Ecuador small

Maps of environmental injustices in Ecuador

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Sara Latorre These three maps on the geography and timeline of environmental injustices in Ecuador are part of my doctoral thesis (Latorre, 2013) and of an article to be published …

Turskish map

Turkey’s Map of Environmental Injustices is now online!

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Begum Ozkaynak and BOG – Bogazici University- EJOLT team “The Map of Environmental Injustices in Turkey” that we have been engaged in as EJOLT-Turkey, with the Political Ecology Working Group in …

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Devlin Kuyek on the ProSavana project2

Posted by Nick on

Imagine a land of 14 million hectares, bigger than Switzerland and Austria combined. Populated by millions of farming families that together practice shifting cultivation. Now imagine a foreign consultant saying …

Picture 9

PODCAST: Devlin Kuyek on the ProSavana project 1

Posted by Nick on

Imagine a land of 14 million hectares, bigger than Switzerland and Austria combined. Populated by millions of farming families that together practice shifting cultivation. Now imagine a foreign consultant saying …

Policy recommendations on industrial tree plantations

Posted by Nick on

As a spin-off from an EJOLT report, we published a 2 page briefing paper on industrial tree plantations that sums up the core problem of the issue, some key policy …

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General News


‘Never seen it so bad’: violence and impunity in Brazil’s Amazon

Posted by Nick on

Dr Felipe Milanez, the author of “Memorias Sertanistas”, was awarded a doctorate by the University of Coimbra in 2015 and is now a professor at UFRB in Bahia, Brazil. He …


Alarming situation around a landfill in Montenegro

Posted by Nick on

By Jeta Beqiraj. After two years of clashes of residents from the municipality of Plav (Montenegro) against the waste collection in an open landfill on the historic Jerina Hill site, things …

rosewood traffic

Rosewood trafficing in Madagascar and the criminalization of an activist

Posted by Nick on

Six months in prison. That’s the sentence received by environmental activist Armand Marozafy for defamation against two local tour operators accused of rosewood trafficking. Armand is assistant coordinator of Lampogno …


Cutting the illegal cutters. Deforestation in Romania

Posted by Nick on

Around 78% of the remaining pristine forests existing in Europe are in Romania, home to more large mammals than all other European states combined, excluding Russia. This might change fast. …

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Environmental Justice documentary: “We are here to stay”

Posted by Nick on

We are here to stay! is a new LaMCA-EJOLT documentary where scholars, activists and people suffering environmental injustices provide their views and testimonies on environmental justice. LaMCA is the environmental …


Soma, Ermenek, Yirca: Can Anti-Coal Activists Defend Coal Miners and Olive Farmers?

Posted by Nick on

By Ethemcan Turhan. The coal-mining town of Soma in the western Aegean region of Turkey hardly made headlines until last May. A mining disaster that took the lives of 301 …

gmo corn

Help Mexican citizens fight GM corn

Posted by Nick on

Grrrowd is a new crowdfunding movement supporting legal “David versus Goliath” actions to defend social, environmental and economic rights worldwide. They want to realise “Justice powered by the crowd”. One …


Civil Society Statement Supporting the Case Filed Against the Cambodian Ruling Elite in the International Criminal Court

Posted by Nick on

The undersigned civil society organisations from across the world wish to express strong support for the case filed against the Cambodian Ruling Elite at the International Criminal Court on 7th …

rio de aguas tunnel

Ending ecocide in Almeria

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. You don’t expect smiles and jokes from a man who lives in a village that’s facing extinction due to ecocide (1). But David Dene (66), a UK-born globetrotter, …


Walls and the Tiger

Posted by Nick on

By Sushma Kallam and Nick Meynen When a traditional rural community in Southeast India is shattered by so-called “development”, pushing farmers to suicide, all hope seems lost. But determined to save …

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Book Review: Ecological Economics from the Ground Up

Posted by Nick on

Helen Scharber, School of Critical Social Inquiry, Hampshire College, USA As its title intimates, Ecological Economics from the Ground Up starts with case studies of environmental justice activist struggles, mostly from …

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Sengwers Feeling the Heat in The Embobut Forest

Posted by Nick on

By Dean Puckett. When Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, visited Kenya earlier this month, he reportedly urged the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to sort out Kenya’s historical land …


West Africa: allocating land for food sovereignty or for exports?

Posted by Sonia Goicoechea on

By Sonia Goicoechea. While in the West African region about 35 million people remind undernourished (FAO), dangerous investments in the agricultural sector are threating the environment and further undermining the right …


Colombia’s environmental conflicts

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier. Thanks to Mario A. Perez’s work on the EJOLT inventory of environmental conflicts supported by his research students at CINARA and the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia, …

via campesina

International Day of Forests: Defining Forests by their true meaning!

Posted by Nick on

Here’s an open letter from La Via Campesina, Friends of the Earth International, Focus on the Global South and the World Rainforest Movement to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), …


Landgrabbing in Cameroon

Posted by Nick on

By Julien-François Gerber Since 2000, foreign governments and corporations have bought or leased over 56 million hectares in Africa, an area almost the size of Kenya.1 Palm oil is a major …

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September 21st: International Day of Struggle against Monoculture Tree Plantations

Posted by Nick on

By Winnie Overbeek. In 2004, people from rural communities in Brazil declared September 21st a Day of Struggle against Tree Plantations. During this year’s Day of Struggle, communities and social movements …

land spooner

Madagascar: to eat or to be eaten

Posted by Nick on

By Vahinala Douguet. With 92% of the population living below the poverty line (1), Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest countries. But is also rich in natural resources, biodiversity and …

The Dongria Kondh win the battle against bauxite mining in the Niyamgiri Hills, Odisha

Posted by Leah on

by Joan Martinez-Alier and Leah Temper. On 31st July 2013 in New Delhi drums and banners in front of Odisha House celebrated the success achieved by the tiny Dongria Kondh hamlets in the …


Social Environmental Conflicts in Mexico. Nobody is Exempt

Posted by Nick on

By Isabel Cárdenas* “Conflictos socioambientales y alternativas de la sociedad civil”, presents an excellent overview of socio-environmental conflicts in Mexico. The multidimensional analysis of asymmetrical power relations includes a chapter by Fernanda …

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Environmental justice in the EU and beyond

Posted by Nick on

Save the date for an environmental justice conference & debate in Brussels where EJOLT will launch the Atlas of Environmental Justice, on 19 March. CLICK HERE to make your registration As global …

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