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Photo credit: Leah Temper

Crude Justice & Ecocide in the Niger Delta

Posted by Nick on

By Leah Temper. Oil permeates our existence. From water bottles, plastics, fuels and paints to fertilizers, fabrics and solvents. Yet despite its ubiquity, the reality of the infrastructure behind oil extraction …

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EJOLT Report 4: Legal avenues for EJOs to claim environmental liability

Posted by Nick on

From oil drilling disasters at the equator to climate change effects on the North Pole and from uranium mining in the desert to the dumping of toxic waste on the …


Thyssen-Krup Steel Company tries to silence EJOLT partner with a slapp suit

Posted by Nick on

Researchers from EJOLT partner Fiocruz are being sued for evaluating impacts caused by ThyssenKrupp Atlantic Steel Company in Santa Cruz, Brazil. Please sign this declaration of support, send an email with your …

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Legal case against CEO of Chevron submitted to ICC

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. BREAKING NEWS: Julio Prieto, lawyer for 30.000 Ecuadorian victims of Texaco’s environmental liabilities in the Amazon, just filed a case at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The …


End Ecocide on Earth

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. Around 100 scientists, lawmakers, jurists and activists gathered in Brussels on 13 October 2014 for an End Ecocide on Earth conference. Eco-cide derives from the Greek “oikos” …


Business & human rights in Africa: lots of talk, but little action

Posted by Nick on

Only 9% of companies active in Africa say they will change behavior after being confronted with environmental and human rights violations. That’s one conclusion from the report on business and …

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The growing debate on degrowth

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. Why are a record 3000 thinkers gathering from 2 to 6 September in the German city Leipzig to discuss how we can get our economy to degrow? One …


Playing with fire in Iceland

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier and Nick Meynen. When Norwegian farmers sailed to and colonized Iceland 1,100 years ago, they organized politically without kings for several centuries. They founded the oldest parliament in …


Power play at a Thermal Power Plant in Mirzapur

Posted by Nick on

By Debadityo Sinha, Vindhya Bachao. Another 1320 MW thermal power plant is coming up in Mirzapur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The Indian company Welspun’s investment of approx. …


Rosewood traffic and criminalization of journalists in Madagascar

Posted by Nick on

The logging of rosewood is a very sensitive issue in Madagascar. According to Global Witness and the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), a dozen private operators and three main companies are …


Meet the UN Convention that protects environmental whistle-blowers

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. Environment Ministers and high level officials from all over Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia came to Maastricht in early July to make a renewed commitment to access …


Scandal Rocks the TAV High Speed Rail Project in Italy

Posted by Nick on

By CDCA (Centro Documentazione Conflitti Ambientali). In recent months, allegations of corruption and criminal infiltration in major infrastructure projects have been making headlines in Italy. The string of scandals started in …

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Campaign to hold criminals responsible for ecocide wraps up

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen On August 6 we reported on an European Citizens Initiative (ECI) to call for a law of Ecocide in the EU. End Ecocide in Europe is a grass-roots …

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A treaty to stop corporate crimes and impunity

Posted by Nick on

EJOLT supports a worldwide campaign to stop corporate crimes and impunity. Godwin Ojo from EJOLT partner ERA participated in a recent meeting from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), …


Linking Degrowth to Environmental Justice

Posted by Nick on

For “Scharf-links”, a German online newspaper, Dr. Joachim Spangenberg , co-chair of EJOLT’s steering committee, spoke about the activities of EJOLT and the link between Environmental Justice and Degrowth, looking …


Environmentalists SLAPPed by Voestalpine in Austria

Posted by Nick on

By Andreas Mayer. A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal …

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Historic call from Ecuador and numerous Nation States for the United Nations to implement binding regulations on Transnational Corporations

Posted by Nick on

On Monday, the government of Ecuador – with the support of 8 nations and over 100 social and environmental organisations – made an historic call to the UN to implement …

Photo Credit: Cuartoscuro

“Ríos para la vida, no para la muerte – Rivers for Life, not for Death”

Posted by Nick on

By Daniela Del Bene. Noé Vasquez Ortiz was preparing the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting convened by Mapder (Movimiento Mexicano de Afectados por la Presas en Defensa de los Ríos) …


Scholar solidarity with NO-Tav movement in Italy in reaction to military repression

Posted by Nick on

In reaction to the repressive measures adopted by Italian military and police forces in the end of July, Silvia Federici has asked for this statement to be circulated and sign …

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Europe: Eradicate Ecocide

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. Last January, 11 citizens launched a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) to call for a law of Ecocide in the EU. Eco-cide derives from the Greek oikos meaning house …

The Dongria Kondh win the battle against bauxite mining in the Niyamgiri Hills, Odisha

Posted by Leah on

by Joan Martinez-Alier and Leah Temper. On 31st July 2013 in New Delhi drums and banners in front of Odisha House celebrated the success achieved by the tiny Dongria Kondh hamlets in the …

By Xavier86 from Flickr

Bougainville: no justice for those who resisted environmental crimes

Posted by Nick on

As we feared in a recent opinion piece, the US Supreme Court’s decision to unarm the Alien Tort Statue (ATS) creates a fall-out for environmental justice cases worldwide. One and …


The governonsense of climate engineering

Posted by Nick on

At the environmental policy forum “The International Governance of Climate Engineering”, held by The Institute for European Studies in Brussels on June 28, opinions differed on how European policymakers should …

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Access to Justice and Extractive Industries

Posted by Nick on

UPDATE – full video of the event on youtube. On March 13, a panel of international legal and industry experts discuss the fraught world of environmental justice, human rights, minerals and …

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